Monday, December 10, 2012

Bathroom Finishes

I've been working through some of the finishes, mainly the bathrooms.  Vanities have been chosen and are set to arrive next week.  We also have all of the faucets and shower trims, which I ordered online a few months ago.  I've decided on the tile for the ensuite shower, the kids bathroom shower and the powder room back splash.  The area where the washer and dryer go has a drain, so it will be tiled, with a stainless steel surround about four feet high.  And we're thinking about using a product called tadelakt in the ensuite shower.  It's basically a waterproof plaster.

Here are some of the sketches to determine tiling quantities and details:

I'm hoping to use this on the ensuite shower floor:

For the kids tub / shower (with lighter grout):

 For the powder room backsplash:

 A mock up of the powder room to decide between the two hexagon marble tiles:

 The drawer from the ensuite vanity ... testing it out with paint colour and tile:

The paint colour choices (the whole house will be the same colour):  Benjamin Moore White Dove, BM Cloud White, or BM Moonlight White.  Otherwise known as white, white or white :)