Thursday, September 17, 2015

Architectural Bling: Copper Gutters, Cedar Gables and Wood Trim

Earlier in this year, we finished off the exterior details of the house structure.

Firstly, cedar was installed in the gable ends.   The contractor worked with us to get the bell curve (under windows) just right!

Next, (much to the dismay of the family of squirrels making a home up there), the architectural trim (soffit, fascia, crown moulding, etc.) was installed.

Below is a soffit and crown moulding detail.  The space between the stone and the crown is to allow fresh air into the attic.  There are venting strips in that space to keep critters out.

We considered dark trim but decided it would give a more formal look to the house than we wanted.  After I sampled several colours and received a few 'brush outs' from the supplier, we chose Benjamin Moore Stone Hearth (CC-490).

Finally, the copper gutter was installed.  Love it!  It's currently still the warm and shiny colour, but in a few more months will oxidize to a bronze colour and in many, many, many years turn the minty green colour (think roof of parliament buildings in Ottawa).

(The first set of gutter clips put on were very ornate.  Luckily we had a first class contractor who changed them out for these simpler clips.  Much better.)

As a friend of ours put it:  "It's like jewellery for your house!" 


  1. Beautiful! I am totally on board with the lighter trim. A stone house down the road has recently had all of its trim painted black--very trendy, but much too heavy IMO. Your house looks beautifully light. (And sparkly thanks to the copper!)

    1. Thanks homeon129acres! Yeah, I'm happy with our decision.

  2. Your house is absolutly stunning! Love your eye for colour and detail.Can`t wait to see more.

    Greetings from Germany, Jenny

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  4. Hi! Love your blog and Instagram feed. Your home is incredible! I have a question about the shelving you've done. I have old 2x12 material, but wasn't sure what you did to prep it before mounting it. Did you sand, put any type of clear coat on it, etc. Thank you! Also, what type of mounting hardware did you use?

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  7. Are the windows bronze and who is the manufacturer of the windows?

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