Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 11 of Framing - We have a roof!

The trusses were put into place and then the roof was 'sheeted' (i.e. covered in plywood).

Below is the gable end detail that we wanted and our framer skillfully created.  We love him.

Some interior shots.  All of the interior walls were finished before the roof trusses went in.  (We haven't told the framer yet, but we've already changed the location of some walls.)

The living room.

Yep, it's a wee bit wet in there - roof waterproofing is happening on Monday! 

Kitchen & dining area.

Dining area again.  (View of the old house.)


Upstairs kids' bedroom.

Another view of one of the kid's bedrooms.

Top of stairs.  There's a great big window with a view to the north which should let some great daylight flood into the stairwell.

Master bedroom.


  1. How many days did the contractors take to install the entire roof? Your house is pretty big, and I know it won’t be easy for them. We’re also building our dream home, and I can’t wait for the contractors to lay the roof! ->Missie Rice

    1. Hi Missie,

      A team of five installers laid the roof in just three days! You can see the process in this post:

      Thanks for following along!


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