Friday, October 19, 2012

Drywall - Part 1

The drywallers have been here for over two weeks and have really transformed the house.  The now white interior reflects the sunlight, making it much brighter than a few weeks back.  It really is an art form to apply the 'mud' (drywall compound) so smoothly that the seams disappear.  The two brothers drywalling the house have been doing it for thirty years and it shows.

Drywall being loaded into the house.  The sheets fit in the side window one by one with an inch to spare.


Sheets of drywall stacks in each room, ready to be screwed to the studs.

Starting to install.

Entrance hall complete.

Kitchen almost complete.

Pantry drywalled.

Living room.


Dining / living areas.


Kerdi board being installed in kids' bathroom.  It's a new product that is used instead of cement board and makes the shower area more waterproof.

Upstairs hall.


Kids' bedrooms.

Master bedroom.

Kerdi board in ensuite shower area.

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