Thursday, January 10, 2013

Antique Interior Doors & Newel Posts

Since the house has mostly concrete floors and white walls, the wood details are so necessary to add warmth and character.

After searching high and low for the better part of two months for a set of antique raised panel interior doors, we found these five panel solid pine doors located in Aylmer (near London, Ontario) on Kijiji.  A young couple had renovated a late 1800s house and replaced them with new doors.

Here's how they look after having the 5+ layers of paint and varnish removed.

Josh also scored two newel posts that were considered 'garbage' in a High Park (Toronto) renovation.  The day he found them:

After stripping most of the paint off:

 We're going to take a few more layers off, lightening the wood.


  1. Those are two big doors! Good thing you found these well-shaped doors. There are only a few of these that are still in good condition. I read that doors are the most crucial point in home designs because their style and size have a huge impact on the architectural style of the house. But I think it will not be a problem for you since you have a clear idea on what you want for your house. :) I’m looking forward to seeing the result.

    Sherril Frost

    1. Thanks for your comment, Sherril. Yes, they were tricky to find in a set - and we only found five, need one more. We're using antique doors to temper the somewhat institutional backdrop of white walls and concrete floors, hoping the wood will warm it up. The doors are going to a finisher for the next few weeks to be cleaned up a little more and protected with a urethane.

  2. There are only a few of these Design your own doors that are still in good condition.

  3. Hello!
    So glad to find your blog - we just moved back to ontario after 10 year away in england and we are renovating a late 1800s property in london ontario. Totally NOT what we had originally planned to do but hey, why not? A chance to make it our own....! So I am currently trying to source a newel post but might have to have one custom made. Nice to meet someone else with a big old house project in ontario! :) Kim

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