Friday, August 3, 2012

Plumbing & The Original Pinterest

Most of our plumbing is now roughed in, which means that all of the pipes that will be burried in the walls and floors are in place.  The tubs and toilets are ordered since they are installed early in the process.  I still need to order the valves for the showers since they also need to be installed before drywall (they go behind the wall).  The catch is that each faucet company has their own valves and often the valve is specific to the model of faucet.  Oh, and they can have a delivery time in the 'weeks' range.  All that to say that I need to choose the faucets ... yesterday!  Argg!

Below are some photos of the plumbing so far.

I also wanted to add in a photo of my inspiration wall.  I started posting photos to this wall in our office about two years ago to help me visualize and recognize the look and story of our new house.

Then I discovered Pinterest about six months ago.  Pinterest is perfect for this project since I can organize all my inspiration photos by room.  You can view my collection of images by clicking on the red and white Pinterest logo near the top of this page, on the right had side.

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