Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Windows: A Major Milestone

Ask me anything about windows.  I'm an expert now. 

We started shopping for windows in January when Josh and I spent an afternoon visiting a few showrooms in Toronto.  We met with a salesmen, picked out a few styles and a few days later we had a quote.  Simple as that, right?  'Course not. 

After that initial quote, I REALLY started researching windows:  sizes, styles, colours, functionality, hardware, materials, construction, and on and on...  With windows, the options are seemingly endless.  I mocked up our drawings with different window configurations so I could imagine what each would look like.  I built a 3D model in Google SketchUp because "How could anyone order windows before seeing them in 3D?"  (I was particularly obsessed with the kitchen window.  I wanted to maintain a traditional look but wanted a clear view out the window at the sink.)

By March I was working with three different dealers each selling a different brand.  A few weeks after that I had settled on the style (casement), the lites (that's the grid pattern that divides up the glass), the colour (bronze exterior, primed white interior), the hardware (black) and many more details.  I had daily conversations with each dealer to revise, refine and adjust the quotes.  It was like I was two-timing these guys, feeling guilty about when I'd have to break it off with two of them.  Just when I thought I was set on our local dealer, my last choice guy swooped in and wooed me with an on-site visit, a lower price and real transoms.  TRANSOMS!  Done.  (Find out what transoms are here.)

After deciding on the brand / dealer, we still waited until the house was framed before ordering.  It's not what most people would do since windows typically have a two month lead-time.  I wanted to be sure about the sizes.  Thank goodness we waited.  At least half of the openings were adjusted to new sizes when we saw them in person.  We finally placed our order in June.  I'm happy to report that they arrived on the site last week and the installation was complete yesterday. 

So, finally, here they are:

Arriving in in the truck.

Ready to be installed.


Installed!  Love these ones.

Kitchen and dining room.

Dining room. 

Dining room and living room doors.

Living room.

Master bedroom and stair hallway.

Deep sills in master bedroom.  (We needed to built out these end walls to account for change in depth from stone to cedar shingles in end gables.)

Kids' bedroom.


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