Sunday, September 23, 2012

Inside the Walls

We've been busy making sure everything that needs to go inside the walls is in place before insulation:  HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) equipment, electrical wiring (phone, cable, internet), plumbing, and more.  Once the insulation is in, the drywaller will start and all those cables, hoses and pipes will be hidden away.  Let's just say that changing the locations and making adjustments is easier now.

The metal ducting for the wood stove in the den.

The kids' bathroom tub/shower.

The kids' bathroom water lines.

Bathroom fan in place.

ERV (energy recovery ventilator) ducting in place.

Ensuite tub in place.  (It looks like a freestanding tub but will actually be boxed into a surround.)

Ensuite shower.

Ensuite shower water lines and valve.

Outdoor gas lines for BBQ at west side of house.

Gas lines at east side of house.

The wood stove in the den!  Love it.  It's a STUV.

Powder room water lines.

More water lines.

After pouring 1.5" of concrete on the main and upper floors, we didn't have a sill anymore, leaving nothing for the vapor barrier to be stapled to.  We had to reinstall pieces of 2" x 4" in all the exterior wall cavities.

Basement mechanical area manifolds and boiler.

One of the basement walls framed.

Same wall from a different angle.

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