Thursday, September 6, 2012

More Floors and Remember the Silo?

Over the past week, we've had the basement concrete floors poured.  It went a little smoother than the main and upper floors - especially because LaFarge sent all kinds of managers and quality control guys to ensure it went in just right and because they used it as a training session.  In the POURING rain.  Cats and Dogs. 

Pouring the concrete over in-floor radiant heating tubes.

Finished floors!

Remember the silo?

While we have some of the equipment and trades here, we're having a few things finished in the silo (woo-hoo!).  The concrete floor was this first on this list so we had to evict the family of toads that lived on the ground floor.  Now it has a nice, smooth concrete floor.  They poured so much concrete in the there that it started to come over into the guys' boots (10"!). 


  1. Hello from a fellow Ontarian. I found your blog today via Little House blog. Your house and setting is beautiful. The stone! The windows! When we finally do our major addition, I'm planning on heated concrete floors, and I'll definitely be coming back to learn from your experience.

    Is your silo a walkout? How cool! Our silo has much less personality (think corrugated metal), but I dream of turning it into a great club house/play space complete with a cool stairway, windows and second floor.

    1. Hi fellow Ontarian! Thanks for following along :)
      Glad somebody will benefit from our experience with concrete floors. It was a bit painful due to our lack of experience so I'm happy to share more info when the times comes for your addition. Yes, our silo is a walk out. I definitely need to share more photos because it has a wicked staircase in it, two floors and a fireplace. Thanks for the inspiration!

    2. We have an old cement silo we would love to renovate into a guest house with several stories. Do you have any pictures of yours and how the renovation went? We're in the U.S. among the wheat in Kansas.