Sunday, November 11, 2012

Drywall - Part 2

The drywall is now finished.  After all the boards were installed, the team started to "mud & tape" them:  apply corner beans, tape seams and then apply several coats of drywall compound to each joint.  This took about a week.  They were seeking such a perfect finish that the last two days were spent holding lights about two inches from the walls, looking for imperfections to fill and sand.  The two brothers did an amazing job.

Kitchen / dining room.

Looking east down corridor.  Pantry at right.

Close-up of pantry.

Living room.

 Living room and dining room.

In front entrance.


 Den looking into living room.

Den looking toward front entrance.

Close-up of archway at entrance into den.

Master bedroom.

Shower in master ensuite.

Tub / shower in kids' bathroom.

Kids' bedroom.

Kids' bedroom.

Close-up of window detail.  We did a 'drywall return' so that's the finished look, no trim.

Next up is priming the walls and ceiling.

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  1. Wow! It definitely looks like those two brothers put in a lot of effort to make it perfect! Loving the amazing end result! It looks like they did a wonderful job on that dry wall.