Thursday, November 22, 2012


(This is for you, Adrienne!  Thanks for the push :)

The difference in this post's photos is subtle.  If you look very carefully, you'll notice that the walls are now all white.  They have been primed.  We have this great team of four ladies that primed the whole house in just over a day.  They are a stark contrast to mostly every other team of contractors we've had as they talked about their kids and ate homemade banana bread that one of them brought in.

Front entrance.

Doorway to mudroom.

Looking toward kitchen/dining area.

Looking up main floor stairwell.

Kitchen/dining area.

Looking east toward side (east) entrance.

Dining area.

Living room.  The kids and I had fun moving in some real furniture.  Notice the crate 'coffee table'.

Basement stairwell.


Looking toward front entrance.  Yes, that's a construction entrance (i.e. temporary).  It's going to be there for a while since we haven't figured out what style of door we want yet:  wood?  glazed (glass in it)? sidelites? cambered top? steel instead?  Lots of details. 

Master bedroom.

Upstairs hall and master bedroom.

Kids' bedrooms.

Upstairs hallway.

I've also been updating my list of favorite designers and architects at right.  Have a look.  Atelier AM doesn't have much of a website but they're worth googling.  Their interiors are absolutely stunning.


  1. how about a front door that mirrors the gorgeous arch of your hallway would complement beautifully.
    Hope you dont mind that imput, but it would look lovely, just looking at that photo looking back from the kitchen to the front door you have a beautiful curve to the ceiling and then a square door!?

    1. Hi HMB,

      Yes, our thoughts exactly! We're working on the design for an arched steel framed front door to echo the hallway arch, especially important since they are on the same axis. The white front door that you see in any photos to date is a temporary door that we have for construction. I can't wait until the permanent door is installed but, alas, it will be several weeks before ours is complete. Looking forward to when I can post photos of it. Thanks for visiting! p.s. I LOVE the input.