Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Trimmed Out

Last week, the finished carpentry team installed the baseboard, door casings & trim, antique doors and hardware.  It was impressive to see how smoothly this team of brothers operated, each with their own specialty.    

The wood trim and baseboards you see in the photos above are paint grade and will be painted white.

The antique doors and hardware installed upstairs weren't straightforward to work with since they're about 150 years old (i.e. doors not square and hardware a little rickety) but it didn't seem to phase these guys.  (You can read about how we found and refinished our antique doors here.) 


We decided to use old fashioned rim locks since new hardware wouldn't fit properly after we trimmed the doors to fit our openings.  The lock box is surface mounted on the interior of the room so that all you see from the hallway is the handle.

{antique rim locks from Legacy Vintage Building Supply in Cobourg}

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