Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Progress Throughout

Lately, we're in that last 10% of the project that is the most detailed and time consuming:  finishing.  Although we seemed so close to moving in a few months ago, we're still working away at getting all the fixtures installed by the plumber and electrician, choosing and installing carpet in the bedrooms, tying in the HVAC system, installing appliances, choosing and installing shower and bath thresholds, and the list goes on and on...

A few photos to show some of the progress:

The whole house was painted in Benjamin Moore Simply White.  Eggshell on the walls, semi-gloss on the trim and flat on the ceilings.  It took the painting ladies (all five of them!) about two weeks to complete.

The STUV wood burning fireplace has its front cover installed now. 

We've put a few appliances in place.  The fridge is so nice, I don't think I want to put my leftovers in it.

I'm very excited to have an oven!  The oven in the old house has been on the fritz since last summer so it will be great to be baking with the kids again.

For now, we put the dining table that will eventually be on the screened porch in place of the island.  It's approximately the right size and who knows when we'll get to designing the island so I think it looks great there for now.

We also moved the wall unit into the living room.  Josh found it at a local auction.  It's very large so I'm still trying to get used to it but it is a pretty striking piece.

Josh has been working hard on the front door that we designed.  He had sheets of metal cut by a water jet, then welded the various components together.  The door system is currently at the galvanizer (to protect from rust) and will go the powder coater next.  The windows were templated and will be fabricated soon.  

The stone mason has been working away for about six weeks now.  He's almost done the front of the house.  What a process to watch him work away at his craft.  More to come on this!

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