Monday, October 7, 2013

Belgian Style Steel Door

Although it's been quite a while since I've posted, we have been making some progress over here so I thought I'd better update you.

The stone mason (Storm Stonescaping) was away for about six weeks but is back now and more than half complete (working on back and other side).

Below is a photo from last week.  The chimney is a significant amount of work!  I wish it was more visible from the front of the house.

We've also installed the front door and I love it.  

About six months ago we came up with the idea that a steel & glass door would be the perfect combination of modern and traditional to work with the stone.  Most often this type of door is used in climates when single pane glass is used, making them very thin and elegant.  Of course in Canada, that doesn't cut it.  You need double pane, insulated glass.  We visited the only supplier in the province (and country?) and were disappointed with their product (and pricetag).  Their door systems were clunky.  Josh decided he had a better design to make it thinner, more energy efficient and easier to build.  I told him that "when you need a new watch, you don't build it yourself.  There are just some things that you let 'the experts' take care of."  Well, long story short, he built our door.  And, man, am I ever glad he did.  I absolutely love it.  

All I needed to do was provide the sketch.

Which I had also mocked up in full scale to ensure the arch would match the arch inside our front hallway.

From there, he had the metal machined.


After that it went to be galvanized (to protect from the elements) and powder coated in black.

Install day:

In the photo above there is still plastic behind the door.  The glass panes were ordered from a local company and made in Montreal.  Here's how they look installed:

A few finishing details still needed but it's so close and gets me every time I walk by it.


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  2. That is beautiful! I thought my hubby was crazy when he wanted to build our transom windows, but now I'm glad he did!
    New reader, enjoying looking back through your posts!

    1. Thanks for following along, Janna. (Been a while since I've posted! Working on one now though..)

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  4. That is a majestic-looking door! Well, I’m glad your husband didn’t listen to you and pushed through with his DIY project. Hahaha! Seriously though, the door matches your house, which reminds me of those stone houses in Britain. They look imposing, yet inviting at the same time. Great job!

    Wayne Wright

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  6. Just found your blog. Lovely to one in Ontario. Your house is fabulous, especially this door. The kind of house seldom built anymore....respectful of the past and a treasure for the future.

  7. I mean...lovely to FIND one in Ontario (blog)

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